Corporate Social Responsibility

San Miguel Pure Foods Core Vision

To nourish and nurture families worldwide.

Our Philosophy

In the spirit of malasakit - our core value - we strive to look after the welfare and interests of our stakeholders. And as one of the county's

biggest food companies with a business portfolio unparalleled in the industry, we believe that it is part of our social responsibility to extend

our competence to those in need. It's the reason we have chosen a feeding program as our flagship CSR activity: the Handog Lusog, Nutrisyon Para sa Nasyon.

What is the Company’s flagship CSR activity?

Handog Lusog is San Miguel Pure Foods' flagship Corporate Social Responsibility activity and is a six-month supplemental feeding program. It's our way of giving back to the communities that have helped us grow.

With our core value identified as malasakit, we make it our mission to share our good fortune with those in need. Being a food company, our core purpose has been appropriately defined as nourishing and nurturing families worldwide and we strive to live up to this throughHandog Lusog.

While we professionally endeavour to be the best in the industry, we never forget our social responsibility that is part and p-arcel of what makes us what we are today.

What does it entail?

Handog Lusog is a six-month supplemental feeding program for pre-elementary students in different public schools. Five days a week for the entire sixt months, we will provide these children a delicious meal that is equal parts nutritious, affordable, and maintanable. In addition, we will provide them with school bags containing basic school supplies, namely notebooks, pencil, scissors, and crayons.

We've also included a cooking demo and a nutrition talk for the parents to make sure that what we're doing can be sustained by the recipients' families' long after we've finished the six months. We don't just want to give them means they won't be able to sustain once the program is over - we want to prove them a long-term solution to malnutirition that they can easily maintain on their own.

Who are the beneficiaries?

We have identified the pre-elementary students of different public schools in our communities. Our first run consisted of 10 schools nationwide for over 1000 children. With the help of the San Miguel Foundation, the San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc. will make sure to continue reaching out to our communities and serving in ways that count.

San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc is the largest Filipino-owned food company, with nearly 3,000 employees deployed in a broad nationwide network of offices, farms, manufacturing, processing and distribution facilities.

It holds in its portfolio the names of some of the most formidable brands in the Philippine food industry, among them, Magnolia, Purefoods, Monterey, Star and Dari Creme. B-Meg and Pure Blend, on the other hand, are the market-leaders in the Animal Feeds industry.

San Miguel Pure Foods integrated operations range from breeding, contract growing, processing and marketing of chicken, pork and beef to the manufacture of refrigerated, canned and ready-to-cook meat products, butter, cheese, margarine, oils and fats, as well as animal and aquatic feeds.

The support of parent company San Miguel Corporation and partnerships with major international companies like Hormel Foods International and the Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Limited of Singapore have given San Miguel Pure Foods access to the latest technologies and expertise, allowing it to deliver flavor, freshness, safety, quality and value-for-money to its customers.

San Miguel Foundation

In addition, San Miguel Pure Foods Company Inc. and its subsidiaries actively contribute to the San Miguel Foundation, which is tasked take the lead in the corporate social responsibility initiatives of the entire San Miguel Group of companies. More information on these initiatives is available at SMC's corporate website. See below links: